Who We Are

When we started this, we did not set out to be a company. We were just a bunch of friends who couldn’t find exactly what we wanted within the bike industry, so we decided to make it ourselves. We had an interesting skill set and a plethora of different backgrounds amongst us, and we found we could accomplish things together that we never could have imagined doing on our own.

Over the years, The Velo Kingdom has grown and matured. We’ve come to think alike, but approach each solution from our own, unique perspective. We are no longer just a bunch of friends; we are one mind, one spirit, one goal, and one vision for the future of cycling, all wrapped up in a collective of individually thinking bodies.

Everything we do, we do it in-house. We create and build, cut and forge, bend, engrave, eat, sleep and breathe life into these creations. We are the Monarchs of our craft. This is our Kingdom.